Post a Comment. Line Webtoon is a webcomic syndicate launched by Naver Corporation in Korea. It offers a whole bunch of scroll-based and mobile-opti They're curating a growing range of licensed and offi Medibang Partner Program. They hold some competitions from Japan partne New Webtoon. The story is about a young boy name Cris who is very poor. His mom and dad raised him as a girl.

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Please refer to the table Link below:. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Cursed Princess Club LambCat. The Doctors are Out Blau. Code Adam Atterozen. Marry Me!

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Miku Yuki. Midnight Rain Pani. Big Jo Jungle Julia. Wind Breaker Yongseok Jo. As Per Usual Dami Lee. Lunarbaboon Lunarbaboon. Trump Chaeeun Lee. Down To Earth Pookie Senpai. My Deepest Secret Hanza Art. LUFF Arechan. Boyfriend of the Dead Ushio.

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Scorching Romance Hongchi. Acception Colourbee. Watermelon Rorita. Live with Yourself! Murrz Murrz. Odd Girl Out Morangg. The Wolfman of Wulvershire K.With a natural-feeling brush set, an interface that turns up at the right place at the right time, support for multiple layers, and a host of useful functions including enhanced selection toolsSketchBook can help turn anyone into an artist in not much time at all.

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Free for Android and iOS. Some of the more advanced tools are locked behind in-app purchases. Free for Android.

It may lack some of the advanced features of the top-end drawing apps but Tayasui Sketches is perfect for the keen beginner, with just enough in the way of brushes and variety to get you going, and more advanced tools available to purchase if needed. This is an iPad-only app designed for use with the Apple Pencil and the Cupertino company has highlighted it in its app picks in the past.

You get brushes packed with options, plus the ability to create your own, as well as an advanced layering system. For some simple and free sketching fun, look no further than Adobe Photoshop Sketch for Android or iOS, which you can use without paying for the heavyweight Adobe apps though you do need to sign up for an Adobe ID. The app gives you access to 11 different tools that can all be tweaked to suit your creative vision, plus support for layered drawings, color mixing and export options in a variety of formats.

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The up-front cost may put some of you off but it beats the frustration of having the best drawing tools locked away behind in-app purchases—and if you want to create the most natural and realistic-looking sketches on your device, ArtRage is worth the admission fee.

Straight away you can start putting splodges and splashes on the canvas, but more subtle effects and advanced tools are there as you need them.

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The A. Field Guide. David Nield. Filed to: mobile. David Nield Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.You may be searching a way out of the official android or apple app store to download and install the paid application for free.

9 Entertaining K-Dramas That Involve Multiple Worlds

Now that you are here we will give you a solution to your problem. We have brought you a new android and apple app market which is a 3rd party app market through which you can download and install the paid applications for free. Tweakbox yes, this is the name which will help you find all the solutions in this topic. Tweakbox is the app market which provides their users the application for free plus it will also provide some moded games.

There are millions of apps like this but tweak box is the safest one. If you are planning to install any kind of application or game from tweakbox then go without any hesitation. We will assure you that it will be a good experience and you will find it a great choice after running the application or game. If you are searching the internet for hours to get the paid application for free on your device then you have reached the right place because here today we will tell you all about an app which will provide such feature.

Tweak box is the application or you can say a third-party app store which will help you to download the original paid apps and games for free. Not only this but the tweakbox app will also allow you to download the latest mod apks of games which you like. A mod apk or game is basically the hacked version of the game which allows a user to use the app according to their own. Looks interesting then you should follow this guide to successfully download and install the tweak box apk on your Android or iOS smartphone to get things done.

Another great facility this app provides is that you can install this app without rooting or jailbreaking your android smartphone. Tweakbox has added lot more apps and now it compatible with ios 13 as well, fixed some bugs too. The only thing you need to take care of it that you are downloading it from here. Here are the steps and give them according to you. Tweakbox is the best third party app market that will provide you the original and the best applications for free. The applications which you will download from tweak box are virus-free and bug-free application.

Tweakbox is a vast Android and iOS store where you can find almost every application, hardly you will get disappointed while searching for the desired application. You can trust Tweakbox. Main Content You may be searching a way out of the official android or apple app store to download and install the paid application for free. Table of Contents. Download TweakBox for Android. Download TweakBox for iOS. Download TweakBox for PC.More and more people prefer visiting manga websites to read their favourite manga online regardless of nationality, age and gender.

Manga refers to Japanese comics with unique storylines, intriguing plots and subplots, and eccentric characters that are just hard to come by in real life. One can find hordes of manga genres including historical drama, comedy, action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, sports and games, thriller, horror, you name it. Furthermore, Manga is published in serial form where each series comprises 20 to 40 pages. Since manga is the latest fad to grip people from all age groups and backgrounds, some great manga websites have cropped up to cater to this demand.

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Down below is a rundown of the best manga websites that essential sources for all hardcore manga fiends. You can skim through a gamut of genres such as action, romance, drama, adventure, sci-fi, crime, horror, sports, suspense, and easily find the most popular and latest manga series without expending precious time.

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All in all, it is one of the best free manga websites on the planet. Get on it!

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One of the most formidable manga websites out there that provides a ton of unabashed manga content, Mangadex also offers a great bookmarks manager. The most enticing aspect about this manga goldmine is that you do not need to register on it. Simply visit Manga Fox and read legendary Manga series online for free with reckless abandon.

You can also sift through genres such as action, crime, sci-fi, adventure, drama and horror. Not to mention, download your favourite Manga in different file formats while you are at it. Also, Manga Fox is updated frequently with all the latest manga. With a gigantic collection of the latest manga series under its belt, Bato. The interface is quite responsive and user-friendly so navigability is top tier. You can easily sift through many chapters with ease and grace.

Most importantly, Bato. If you are seeking a website with a rich database of Manga series online, look no further than Manga Rock. Albeit, MangaStream only hosts a small collection of translated Manga chapters out of respect and support for original publishers and creators. Renowned as a fine repository of anime streaming content, CrunchyRoll has been reigning supreme as one of the best manga websites for a while now.

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You can also stay abreast with the latest news from the realm of anime and manga on this site. However, to stream full videos or complete manga strips, you will have to go premium and shell out approx. Wanna devour tons of latest manga series in one go? A popular manga website to the brim, it has a robust GUI where you can find your favourite Manga by genre, release date, and more. Boasting a smorgasbord of latest Manga series on varied genres such as fantasy, action, drama, romance, school life, Manga Here regularly updates its catalogue so that users are hooked to the site for hours on end.

Additionally, MangaHere also provides the latest news, spoilers, and theories of your favourite Manga plots. All together, it is one of the best manga websites where you can read over 10, Manga series without spending a dime. Not to mention, the user interface is very well streamlined and responsive so you can have more reasons to go on a manga binge spree. Looking for a one-stop destination to read Manga online.

Fret no more for Manga Kakalkot is by your side. You can read and find all kinds of Manga content on diverse subjects ranging from action, drama, romance to thriller and sci-fi.

Quite an oddity on our list of the best manga websites, ZingBox actually doubles up as nifty manga reader app for both Android and iOS users. So, you can be sure to read Manga online on your smartphone with utmost aplomb. Furthermore, you can also publish your Manga collection on this website.

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However, if you want an ad-free and immersive experience you will have to opt for the premium version. Totally free to the hilt, Manga Doom sports a rich library of thousands of popular manga and anime scans that you can read online.

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Manga Doom is updated several times a day with the latest exciting series from the realm of manga. If you want to enhance your experience and gain new insights, you might as well consider creating an account on the site and interact with other Manga lovers.Please help, I've literally been researching methods on designing speech bubbles for over a day now and I can't find any attractive techniques that don't involve Photoshop Of course I prefer SAI, but it has no shape tools whatsoever I'm trying to get a web comic up and running for Webtoon's contest and at this rate I won't have anything ready to publish by the time it closes.

I want attractive speech bubbles, the kind you see in professional artwork i. Let's Play. Any techniques? Any free software I can download to help? Krita is free. I use the Curve tool to create the lines of the speech bubble, and then I alter it to make it better fit the text.

After I make the lines, I add the tail of the speech bubble by hand I don't like the way the curve tool makes the tail. Finally, I put another layer under the text and the speech bubble for the white background. Free doesnt [always] equate to professional when lettering. I've seen people use a program- Comic Life; I dont like the way it looks coz it doesnt allow the "flexibility" to make the word balloons look professional.

There is also Inkscape, which is supposed to be the "free version" of Illustrator- once again, I dont really care for that program either. I use Adobe Illustrator; if you can find a free version of that, you'd be lucky. Illustrator is the program that the pros use for comic book lettering. I find drawing them to give more flexibility and character. Sometimes, "professional-looking" bubbles don't fit too well into the setting of your story.

They don't have to be neat and tidy speech bubbles to be professional, per se. It all depends on what you're trying to do with your comic. To be honest, I haven't drawn digitally in a long time and I completely forgot that you could create linework layers on SAI.

You're a life saver! Let me know if you have any more questions. I recommend it way more than Krita it is really good for painting but not text and simple things like comics.

Shading Shortcuts for Webtoons

It sounds more convoluted than it is, but it's quite simple. Also, i used to use some old Japanese plugin for SAI that let's you add different kinds of shapes but for the life of me, i cannot find it now :.

The speech balloons tool looks good, readable and is easy to use. Is pretty great for the basics.

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But if you want to personalize your speech bubbles in a deeper level, i would recommend you to seek other tools. I have an app on my phone that I use to draw with, but the way I draw speech bubbles can easily be done on any program. I use Powerpoint. Somehow it works. I use Illustrator for speech bubbles, which is far from free, but before that I just drew in the speech bubblesDrama unOrdinary uru-chan like Let's Play Mongie like True Beauty Yaongyi like SubZero Junepurrr like Midnight Poppy Land Lilydusk like 4M.

Freaking Romance Snailords like 9. I Love Yoo Quimchee like Down To Earth Pookie Senpai like 1. Age Matters Enjelicious like Castle Swimmer Wendy Lian Martin like 7.

Unlovable Replacement Nylana like 3. My Deepest Secret Hanza Art like 5. LUFF Arechan like 6. Killstagram Ryoung likeBoyfriend of the Dead Ushio like Muted Miranda Mundt like 2. Lookism Taejoon Park like Scorching Romance Hongchi like 2. Acception Colourbee like 4. The Doctors are Out Blau likeLost in Translation Jjolee like 1. Choco Latte Ann like 1. Watermelon Rorita like 3.

The Croaking echorise like 2. How to Become a Dragon eon likePhase Jouki like 62, UP. The Girl Downstairs Songah Min like 1. Yumi's Cells Donggeon Lee like

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